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Time Siege: Battle of Yorktown

As Bureau recruits, chase a rogue agent, restore history and save the Revolutionary War!

Time Siege: Battle of Yorktown

Unravel the Mystery of Magpie and Save the Battle!

The Bureau of Time Justice (BoTJ) is once again hot on the trail of former agent gone rogue, Valerie VonBuren, codename Magpie. Known for stealing key artifacts from their place in history, this time, Magpie has been traced to Yorktown, Virginia, at the height of the American Revolutionary War. BoTJ has reason to believe she has infiltrated General George Washington’s command tent and stolen key items, disrupting our current timeline. The outcome of the war and the entire country are in jeopardy. It’s up to you, the Bureau’s newest recruits to save the battle of Yorktown.

60 Minutes
Recommended for 2-6 Players

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Disclaimer: Slight strobing lights.


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Time Siege: Battle of Yorktown!

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