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The Wizards Pub

Solve magical riddles, recover Magmus’ missing medallions, and save the Quadwizard Tournament at Dragon’s Head Hallow!

The Wizards Pub

Find Magmus’ Medallions Before It’s Too Late!

Welcome to the famous Dragon’s Head Hallow, home of the enchanted talking mirror Magmus, renowned for its bewitching elixirs and concoctions. As part of the opening crew, you and your team arrive to prep for the Quadwizard Tournament, only to discover that, during a ruckus last night, Magmus’ prized magical medallions went missing! He refuses to open the doors for the customers until his items are returned. The tournament starts in an hour. Can you find his medallions before it begins?

60 Minutes
Recommended for 2-8 Players

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Cosplay and wands are welcome!


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