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Pricing & FAQ

What is an escape room?                                              What is the price?

$28.50 / person

Our Escape Rooms are 60 minute interactive live-action games where teams race against the clock to solve puzzles and unlock codes to complete a mission and/or escape using only common sense, logic, and the power of teamwork. You DO NOT need any knowledge or skills prior to playing one of our games. While that may enhance the experience, you can expect that everything you need to be successful is provided within the game.

What is an adventure game?                                       What is the price?

$22.50 / person

Our Adventure Games are the same basic concept of an escape room except typically a shorter time, a smaller setting, and the game is always objective-based instead of escape-based. These games are great options for first time players!

Do you have any discounts or special prices?

We do! Quite a few actually, but here are some of our standing discounts and special prices:

  • Children ages 5 and under are free.

  • Military discount - 10% off.

  • Online booking discount - 10% (Check code at the top of the website).

  • Church/Youth Group discounts - Click Here.

  • Large Group discounts/packages - Click Here.

  • Same Day Additional Bookings - Talk to your game master after you experience if you would like to play another game and we will make sure to give you a discount!

*Discounts do not stack.

Who can play?

People of all ages and skill levels! Our games are designed for participants ages 12 and up, however younger children often do even better than their parents who bring them! While we are ADA compliant and do our best to remain appropriate for all ages and accommodate physical limitations, please contact us if you have any specific concerns about any particular game. Each game has disclosures that should assist with these basic concerns.

While there is no age limit to play, any participant that is 16 or under MUST be accompanied by an ADULT in the room with them. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

Will there be strangers in the room with me?

Not unless you bring them! All of our bookings are private. As soon as you secure the booking, no one else will be able to reserve the game for your time slot. If you are a smaller group and would like to find people to play with, we recommend checking out some local escape room enthusiast pages on social media.

Because all of our bookings are private, this also means that adding more people to your game after you have booked it will require you to call us. If you anticipate paying separately or want to add additional players to your game, simply give us a call and we will assist you!

How do I book a game?

The easiest way to book a game is online. You can find the exact game and time you want, see if it is available, and even save 10%. We ask that you book online at least 2 hours before the game starts, otherwise you will need to call us to check the availability to book.

If you would like to book over the phone, you may do so by giving us a call at 757-808-5880. If you try to secure a booking through email or social media, you will be prompted to call us or book online instead. When securing bookings over the phone, a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve any game. As we can sometimes be rather busy assisting customers in-person and will always do our best to answer your questions, we ask that you look over the FAQs, games, and available times before calling.

While there are occasions in which we can accept walk-in bookings, walk-ins are NEVER GUARANTEED. Please always contact us or book online before attempting to play one of our games as there is no other way to guarantee that you will be able to play the time and game you want.

Is it scary or will we actually be locked in the room?

You will never be completely locked in a room. The door you enter through will always be unlocked and there will be plenty of safety measures to make sure any locked doors can be released in an emergency situation. 

While some of our rooms may have high-paced and exciting moments, only ONE of our current experiences should be considered scary: Experiment 1215. No other experience is considered scary. And while Experiment 1215 is scary, it still remains appropriate for younger children. Ultimately it depends on the person. We have had 5 year old children laughing because their parents got scared and they didn't!

What happens if I am late or miss my appointed time?

All players are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the game starting. As soon as someone is expected to be late, please contact us. In most situations we can accommodate you and your team to the best of our ability, but it is our policy to remove time from the game or refuse entry given the circumstances. This is because it would disrupt our other scheduled bookings and it is not fair for other participants. No refunds will be issued for any late arrivals or for any no-shows.

If you need to reschedule, please call us as soon as you are aware. If a request to reschedule a booking is made within two hours of your arrival time, we may be able to accommodate the request, but there will be a $25 rescheduling fee.

What is your refund policy?

We have a no refund policy. As a locally owned business, we rely on our booking system to appropriately staff our games. If you miss your appointment, that was a time in which another customer could have played. If you booked a game for the wrong day or time by accident, please call us immediately to help get it sorted out. If something came up that causes you to be unable to attend your booking, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to accommodate your situation, especially in instances of emergencies.

Why are waivers required?

While we design all of our experiences to be safe for customers and we work hard to make sure our props and puzzles aren't easily damaged, there are certain liabilities with any in-person entertainment. Our waivers help us protect ourselves and our escape rooms in instances where a customer may  neglect to follow rules and policies. 

All your waiver options are digital. Why can't I sign a paper copy?

We make all appropriate accommodations for our customers to sign their waivers. If you do not have a computer or smartphone to be able to sign it, you are probably not even reading this! However, we do have digital tablets at our facility as a last resort for you to fill out your waiver under extreme circumstances. As for why we don't have paper versions, we don't think anyone would want to keep up with over 20,000 paper waivers!

*Please do not attempt to fill out and sign a waiver for any other participant than yourself and any minors you will be responsible for. If you would like to bring a minor that you are not wanting to be legally liable for, you may have their parent/guardian sign a waiver for them, even if their parent/guardian is not attending.*

Can you accommodate something special for my experience such as a birthday surprise or proposal?

Absolutely! We have had proposals, gender reveals, gift giving, and much more at our facility! Simply give us a call and we will work something out for your special day!

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