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Fun Night Out!

First date? Family night out? Friends activity? Whoever your group is made up of, you will enjoy spending time together escaping into a world away before escaping back to reality.

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Immersive Adventures

Who needs a virtual world when you can be fully immersed into the game itself? Place yourself in our stories and use the tools at your disposal and your surrounding environment
achieve victory!

Team Building

Our games are an excellent way to get to know your team, work on problem solving skills, and bring out the creative thinking process in your squad! We have hosted many sports teams, businesses, church groups, and more in our games and we would love to host yours as well!

Chained Door


Unlock the Mystery


Bank Heist 2

The Williamsburg Museum of Modern Art is set to acquire the Olmos Black Diamond; The world’s only flawless black diamond. Your team, having proven worthy from your previous heist, have been hired to steal it from the bank it is being stored in before it is transported to the Museum. Can you avoid security and pull of the heist of the century?

60 Minutes

Recommended for 2-8 Players


Record - 26:00

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Experiment 1215

Genetics Professor, Dr. Kirk Conners, has contacted you about an internship at Empire University. After arriving at his office, you are drugged and wake up handcuffed and Blind folded in his operating room. Will you be able to escape? Or will YOU become his next Experiment?

60 Minutes

Recommended for 2-6 Players

Disclaimer: Players will be blindfolded and handcuffed for a brief time, but safety measures are in place. Some physical activity such as ducking or crawling.

Game includes scary elements, loud noises, and strobing lights.

Recommended for players 12 and up.


Record - 32:35

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Time Siege: Battle of Yorktown

The Bureau of Time Justice is once again hot on the trail of former agent gone rogue, Valerie VonBuren, codename Magpie. Known for stealing key artifacts from their place in history, this time Magpie has been traced to Yorktown, Virginia, at the height of the American Revolutionary War. BoTJ has reason to believe she has infiltrated General George Washington’s command tent and stolen key items, disrupting our current timeline. The outcome of the war, and the entire country is in jeopardy. It’s up to you, the Bureau newest recruits to save the battle of Yorktown.

60 Minutes

Recommended for 2-6 Players

Disclaimer: Slight strobing lights


Record - 32:34

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Return From Wonderland

You've followed a white rabbit down a hole just like Alice.
What strange creatures and environments will you encounter down
there? As the rabbit begins to show you around, he gets caught by the
Red Queen and, well you know her catch phrase, “OFF WITH HIS HEAD.” Without your furry companion, you must find your own way to return from wonderland in 60 minutes or less or the portal home will close forever and you will be trapped to serve the Red Queen forever and paint her roses.

60 Minutes

Recommended for 2-6 Players

Disclaimer: Some physical activity such as ducking or crawling.


Record - 27:22

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Adventure Games

ADVENTURE GAMES are our rotating format of challenges similar to our escape rooms. These games are shorter, meant for smaller groups, and have simpler designs and puzzles. 

Current Adventure: 

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

After being snubbed again for induction to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, a local  band has taken it upon themselves to infiltrate the Museum and replace exhibits of the greatest rockers of all time with their own items. As the new night security staff, it is up to you to set things straight. The only problem is, they stole the security manual and replaced all the locks. With no bolt cutters in sight and only a few minutes before the museum opens, you’ll need to correct the exhibits if you want to keep your job. Otherwise it’s back to living in mom’s basement.
45 Minutes

Recommended for 2-5 Players

Disclaimer: One player will need to be able to lift at least 15lbs.


Record - 26:58

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Are you a REW Fanatic that has played 3 or more of our games? Call us to book and receive a "Patron Only" price for our Adventure Game!

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